No doubt everyone will have a different opinion of what makes Cornwall so special.

For us, it’s the fact that on a sunny day, you could actually be anywhere in the world and would be hard pushed to find a better location. In the winter, well it’s not quite the same but nonetheless Cornwall has it unique charm. The coast, the country, the moors, they all have something to give in the cooler months and on hand are the Cornish Businesses that are there to provide for us all year round.

Pubs, bars, restaurants, shops, holiday cottages, manufacturing, small business, large business and so I could go on and on and on.

We have such an amazing wealth of talent in Cornwall, brains, brawn and creativity in abundance. Everyone has the same opportunities and the ability to do something.

Cornish Business.

Whilst our reliance is predominantly Tourism, Hospitality, Fishing and Farming the engines of our economy, it’s the smaller businesses that fuel it.

Our Cornish Business Directory has been created to celebrate all Cornwall businesses small and large. It’s free to get listed and editorial collaborations are welcome again free of charges.

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